Diy Matters Exhibits a Range of Weed Control Products at RHS Flower Show

Despite the wet weather, the annual RHS Flower Show, in Tatton Park, was a huge success.

The show, in Cheshire, saw 80,000 visitors flock from all over the country to see the 500 exhibitors and 33 gardens.

E-commerce gardening company, DIY Matters, was among the exhibitors, showing off its huge range of gardening and weed control products.

Visitors to the stand were in with a chance of winning a full set of Spear and Jackson gardening tools or a bottle of champagne.

DIY Matters products on show gave gardeners the chance to see its fantastic weed control methods.

Specialising in the most effective weed solutions, DIY Matters products include both weed control fabric and liquid weed killers.

In addition, there is a huge range of supplementary gardening products, including garden tools, netting, shade sails and grow tunnel kits.

It has been a challenging summer for gardening, but there were some spectacular displays for visitors at the show.

Exhibitors said it was 'a real juggling act' because it has been difficult to get some of the plants to look their best. Some growers have literally had to stop their plants from floating away.

These unusual weather conditions meant that exhibitors had to adapt the planned displays.

However, although some displays aren't quite as ready as they normally would be, others are looking fantastic. The team on site made sure it was a really great show.

The show even paid homage to this year's London Olympic games with a host of Olympic-themed flowers, flowerbeds and features.

The 2012 RHS Tatton Park was a triumph over adversity as the weather caused everyone more than their fair share of problems.

DIY Matters weed control solutions

DIY Matters offers a huge range of landscape fabric for any use imaginable.

From fixing weed nightmares to shaping an ideal landscape, DIY Matters has the materials to make your garden the envy of your neighbours.

Everything you could possibly need is at your fingertips at DIY Matters - with a vast selection of garden membrane for decking, pathways, patios or driveways - and weed membrane or root control to prevent any problem.

Weed Control Fabric

Weed control fabric from DIY Matters is lightweight, durable, and specially made to stop weeds growing.

By allowing your plants to receive water and nutrients while suppressing weed growth, the material manages to keep the ground wet and protects against adverse weather conditions.

Lightweight weed control fabric is perfect for borders and flowerbeds as well as under bark or gravel.

Heavy-duty weed control fabric stops weeds from appearing in your garden, while ensuring stable growth of your favourite flowers. It's designed to be porous, breathable and hardwearing.

Letting nutrients through whilst inhibiting the growth of weeds, it keeps the ground moist and protects your plants from extreme weather conditions.

Weed membrane is excellent for difficult projects - such as decking or gravel.
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