Each and every Religion Has a One of a kind Variation of The Divine

There are 1000's of versions of divine images which a guy has created to content his dream of eternal lifestyle. The confusion and sightless they make are hefty and they are the wall which hides the truth of the matter. The inclination of their followers to in excess of-glimpse the genuine God, the Spirit of the Universe, is the motive for the evil and death they will experience in these the last days. My re-embodiment as properly as knowledge which heaven and hell are myths is only element of the facts given to me to pass on to the world.

Religions have all begun from sunlight-worship and the idea which adult males can turn into gods in heaven. That idea was influenced by the part of Babylon and the religions born there that all have Islamic roots. The city is the residence of Islam and its religion was Zoro Aster, or Early morning Star.

The Spirit depict me a vision of that star and how this was designed into the figure of a girl whom guys lust following and supposed which by dying on the cross they could 'marry' Mary. The title offered to the sun was 'mother's powerful eye', that is 'ma-r-y' in symbolic phrases.

This was also referred to as 'el-a' that means 'god's power'. That has progressed around time into Allah, the main god of Islam, in the meantime, Mary is calculated the Mother of God because Constantine place 'her' in his religion as these kinds of.
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It is the gentleman who regarded the Catholic Church and place up the impression of Jesus Christ as the Son of God.

He built the Vatican as a parliament to management his empire and he gave the globe the financial method and the regulations of inheritance that continue to be in force. The Environment Purchase is based mostly on these issues and that suggests it has no actuality powering it. For that cause, it is breaking down as men and women realise the deception and the wall is breaking down although the Spirit is flowing around its folks (Ezekeiel 39:29) who are named the children of Israel.

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