Joint Pain

 Joint pain is a common disease in all. It occurs in case of injury, fracture and low quantity of synovial fluid (joint liquid) which is found between the joints. Any hurt or injury can affect ligaments, burse, cartilage and bone inside the joint. There are some conditions related to the joint pain are loading, running and carrying some heavy articles from one place to another. According to a survey the scientists explain that there is no solution in medical science and can not treated but in Unani researched the perfect treatment for joint pain and perfectly cured by herbal medicine. They have unique belongings may help to observe mobility of arthralgia. Joint pain may be highly affected more than one joint. The joint inflammation and infection are the characteristic and may be a feature of tumours of the joint. The three are dominant kinds of arthritis such as Osteoarthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis and Rheumatoid. There are different causes of joint pain for example as; steroid drug withdrawal, torn ACL, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, SAPHO syndrome, sickle cell anemia, torn meniscus, knee injury, dengue fever, arthritis, aseptic necrosis, bursitis, fibromyalgia, lliotibial band syndrome and elbow pain.

Types of joints pains

There are many types of joints in the human body. Most of the joints associated with arthritis.

Ball and Socket Joints- Permit for wide range of rotation and movement. The shoulder and hip are ball and socket joints

Gliding Joints- Permit bones to glide past each other. There are gliding points in the ankle, wrist and spine

Condyloid Joints- Allow movement but no rotation. There are condyloid joints in the jaw and fingers

Hinge Joints-Permit for movement much like that of a door hinge. The knee and ulna part of the elbow are hinge joints.

Saddle Joints- Allocate for back and forth and side to side motion but limited rotation. There is a saddle joint in the thumb.

Pivot Joints-Agree to bones to spin and twi

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